What Hurricane?

It’s only been about 3 months since Irma’s visit and life is returning back to or better than normal.  At the marina where YKNOT is moored, everything is up and running.  Pool and Hotel used daily, guests all returning, pool side bar discussions about the big grouper or wow, did you see all the lobsters.  Not much hurricane chatter any more.  Diving wise, you will notice “The Vandenberg” has shifted.  The bow is deeper and she has a little angle to her.  I think our shallow water corals held up fantastically.  The fishing remains good.

The middle keys still show some damage.  Most of the business’s are back, but still much rubbish along roadways.  That is being cleaned up as I write this.

If you fly into Key West, you won’t notice much of anything, however if you drive down from Miami, you can still notice the cleanup going on until you reach Key West.   Come on down, were definitely open for business and having a good time.