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Comp O Stick

In the high-paced competitive game of hockey, you want to be sure your gear is as strong and durable as possible. Comp O Stick tape is designed to work perfectly with today’s various modernized hockey sticks, allowing you to focus more on the game and less on how well your gear is holding up. Available in a variety of colors and source materials, strong and powerful Comp o Stick is the only tape you will need during practice or game day.

Are You Looking for a Better Hockey Tape for Your Team?

Comp O Stick should be the number one choice for any hockey player or coach, whether you are involved in high school sports or the professional leagues. Comp o Stick tape was designed to be the best hockey tape out there at an affordable price. This product is known for outperforming its competition and is truly one of the best hockey tapes you can find on the market today.

Why You Should Buy Comp O Stick Hockey Tape

Comp o Stick Cloth Stick Tape features a strong and durable cloth back that is made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. There is a unique color matched adhesive system for this line of tape. It allows the tape to be optimized for the very best bond on either wooden or composite hockey sticks.

Comp O Stick is moisture resistant which makes it ideal for use with hockey gear constantly exposed to the ice and snow. The tape effectively resists snow build-up on the blade without the need for additional waxing. This helps the tape to last much longer as it also saves you time and money because you don’t need to rush out and buy more as often.

The Different Comp O Stick Varieties Available

There are several different types of Comp O Stick available that works well with the various types of hockey gear out there. Choose from different materials, colors, and designs to create your own level of protection and enhance your style while on the ice.

Comp O Stick tape available includes cloth stick tape in black or white, shin pad tape in clear or colored, decorative cloth stick tape, cohesive soft grip tape, and split-slit grip tape. All type varieties are available to order in bulk quantities of 16 rolls per box. You can also purchase the RolReserv Tape Storage and Protection system to keep your tape in a safe and easily accessible place at all times.

Comp o Stick Performance Hockey Tape is made and manufactured by the Canadian company North America Tapes. The tape is engineered to offer the very best performance during game play for today’s modernized hockey sticks. The cloth construction is much more durable. It easily sticks to the surface of any type of hockey gear. You can find a complete selection of quality hockey tape including stick tape, shin pad tape and grip tape. When you decide to  by Comp o Stick, you have decided to buy the best tape that will keep up with the changing technology of today’s hockey game.


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