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Custom Cycling gear

Article provided by: Revi Technical Wear
Custom Cycling gear

The custom cycling gear is cycling clothing explicitly designed for one type of user. The use of this type of clothing is widely spread among teams, shops, federations, associations, clubs, companies or for personal use.

This clothing is not only customized from the aesthetic point of view, but functional aspects such as the zipper, sleeves, straps, elastics, fabrics, or patterns can be modified. It is essential that you know the characteristics of this outfit and how to select the ideal one for your needs.

Which Are the Characteristics of Tailored Cycling Clothing?

If you use a bike for a ride, clothes that fit you comfortably will do it. However, for a regular practice of the sport, the right gear is needed to improve the cyclist's performance and conditions. In addition to enhancing the athlete's performance, this type of clothing minimizes minor injuries (such as chafing) for the comfort of the athlete. This is why this type of clothing is becoming increasingly popular.

What to Consider When Customizing Your Cycling Clothing?

Before selecting a supplier or final design, you should consider the two main factors of customization:

  • Customized aesthetic design: you must find the purpose of distinguishing the designs and colors of the outfit. The clothing may be designed for a particular team, federation or sports club, and you may need to highlight your group for competitive purposes. Another typical use is for corporate or advertising purposes, and the design serves corporate or commercial objectives.
  • Other features: in addition to design, some manufacturers allow you to customize other technical elements of the clothing. These include the type of strap, the length of the zipper, the type of sleeves, or the type of fabric. A factor that is also decisive is the temperature in which the athletes will perform.

How to Select Your Customized Cycling Clothing?

  • Avoid Cotton: Cotton fabrics are often uncomfortable. When you sweat, the material gets wet and in addition to causing discomfort to the athlete, the clothing becomes heavy and decreases performance. It is preferable that you select breathable technical fabrics, such as dry-fit. This material will allow the elimination of sweat quickly, keeping the cyclist fresh and with good body temperature.
  • Zero-Chaffing: these injuries are not only uncomfortable but can result in worse conditions for the athlete. The best jerseys and shorts are those that are perfectly customized and fit the body. Make sure that the seams are flat, and that the type of fabric is hypoallergenic.
  • Pocket jerseys: the athletes’ supply is fundamental in their performance. In that sense, a jersey with back pockets can be handy. There the athlete will be able to carry his energy bars and isotonic drinks.
  • Good shorts: the strap can make a big difference between pedaling with ease or difficulty. It must be comfortable, as it is the point of contact between your body and the saddle. You should select it according to the type of seat, your cycling mode, and your body weight.

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Custom Cycling gear
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