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firearm transfer service Chicago

firearm transfer service Chicago

At Midwest Guns and Range, private parties can change gun ownership in just a few easy steps. We offer the fastest firearm transfer service in Chicago that will help to protect both the buyer and the seller during the transaction.

Why Choose Midwest Guns and Range or Your Firearm Transfer Service?

Guns are a huge part of our lifestyle. We use them for hunting and protecting our families. Gun ownership and culture is passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. Living in Chicago, it is vital that people learn responsible gun ownership from an early age on. Midwest Guns and Range shares your passion for guns, shooting, going hunting, and spending time in the great outdoors. We also fully support individuals' rights to protect themselves, their families, and their property with firearms.

With our love of guns, we've done a lot of transfers over the years, and some of them can be awkward and uncomfortable. For example, meeting a complete stranger to give them cash for a gun can be quite unnerving. Midwest Guns and Range firearm transfer service in Chicago allows people to protect themselves during a transfer. The process we've established for firearms transfers is very simple.

How Our Gun Transfer Service Works

The first thing we need to do is get some basic information about your gun. Then, Midwest Guns and Range will do all of the verifications necessary to perform a legal transaction. Lastly, you'll complete the transfer with a bill of sale and electronic signature. Then, you're done. You can exchange the gun right here at Midwest Guns and Range safely and securely.

During the transfer of the firearm, Midwest Guns and Range will take care of the identity check and state residency check for the current gun owner. We also confirm the purchasing party's gun ownership eligibility in Illinois. Plus, the service includes a full background check.

You Can Trust Midwest Guns and Range

Again, those of us at Midwest Guns and Range are gun-lovers and gun owners. We are very protective of the data that we give out about ourselves, so we're even more protective of our consumers' data when we do these transfers for them. Midwest Guns and Range has gone to great lengths to prevent the ability for any of your information from being hacked, shared, or in some way, compromised.

Our Firearm Transfer Service in Chicago Protects Both the Gun Owner and Buyer

Our firearm transfer service in Chicago protects both the buyer and the seller. From the seller's side, it protects them from any liability with any future incident with that gun. From the buyer's side, it's protecting them from any potential identity theft or fraud, particularly when you're coming to a transaction with a wad of cash.

At Midwest Guns and Range, we help gun owners and gun buyers do transfers the right way. Contact us if you would like our assistance in making a transfer.

Firearm Transfer Service – Call Our Team Today!

firearm transfer service Chicago

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