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Franchise For Sale

Freedom Boat Club is a one-of-a-kind marina franchise for sale. Freedom Boat Club is the largest, oldest, and most progressive boat club on the planet. Before you leave this page, please note that Freedom Boat Club was listed as a "Top 500" franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine and made the "Top 5,000" List of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies. In other words, take us seriously! If you're interested in a profitable, fun, and straight-forward franchise opportunity that can put serious passive income into your bank account, consider Freedom Boat Club. You'll get your boats, location, and everything you need to start.

What is the Freedom Boat Club Franchise?

In its essence, Freedom Boat Club is a franchise opportunity that makes boating simple. Members join the club and pay a one-time membership fee. Then, they pay monthly dues from there on out. Instantly, the member gains access to a fleet of boats. All of those little expenses and annoyances, such as the maintenance cost, dock fees, storages fees, parts and cleaning, and all of the other hassles associated with boating, become a thing of the past when they join Freedom Boat Club.

What Members Get

As a franchise owner, you will have your own Boat Club territory. When a new or prospective member finds a location nearest to them, yours will become their home location. However, as members, they have access to all Freedom Boat Clubs throughout the world. As a member, they benefit from having a fleet of boats at their disposal. Deck boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, sailboats, and more; Members are entitled to use them all as often as they like. They can bring anyone aboard that they like, including friends and family, guests, children, clients, even pets. All of the things that your members imagine boating to be suddenly become a reality.

How it Works

Members have the option to go fishing, tubing, cruising, beaching, water skiing, or exploring. They can drop anchor and go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. When a member wants to try out their new membership, they can choose the date they want to go out and the boat they're looking for. For example, they can select a deck boat this coming Tuesday. Tuesday, the memeber shows up at the dock, and the boat they reserved is there, fueled up, and ready for them. The member can cruise up the coast, stop somewhere for lunch, float for a while, and head back to the dock when they're done, where the Boat Club staff will be waiting. The member leaves the boat with them, and that's it.

Contact Us Today

Freedom Boat Club makes the boating process simple, as it should be. There are no trailers needed to haul boats, no cleaning, no boat maintenance, and no hassles. The member gets to show up, hop in, and take off. How would you like to own a franchise like that!? From seashore to lakeshore, Freedom Boat Club has numerous locations, all of which allow members to travel to travel to any Freedom Boat Club and explore new waters. If you're looking for a legitimate profit-generating franchise for sale, give us a call.

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