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Diving Destinations

Out front:

Were the closest destination to The Vandenberg, locally known as “Vandy”.  Only 4 miles straight South of our marina.  Often Vandy is the first dive of the day.  After The Vandenberg, about 1 mile away is the Caymen Salvager an older wreck in 70-100 ft. with lots of fish life.  If it’s reef diving, there are a lot of options including Topino reef, Western Samboo, ball and chain, eye of the needle, pelican shoal and many others offering a variety of bottoms and eco systems.


We go East usually for the Wreck Trek or some lobster hunting.  The Wreck Trek is a fantastic experience, diving from Key West to Key Largo on multiple days, however for spearfishing and lobster hunting west is the best.


Multi day trips usually head west toward “The Dry Tortugas”.  We start these trips out front on “The Vandenberg”, and dive our way west often visiting “The Western Dry Rocks” area and diving toward Boca Grande Island or “The Marquesas”.   We overnight in protected waters when caution prevails and enjoy a supper of “today’s catch”.  Day 2, its westward hoe diving the beautiful reefs off “The Marquesas” by afternoon we will be heading for “Rebecca Shoal” Where the spearfishing is fantastic with many wrecks and reefs.  Another seafood feast and rest up for (The Dry Tortugas) area.  The spearfishing outside the park is the best in the area.  Why? It’s simply a long way to go, (about 70 miles from Key West).  If spearfishing isn’t your thing, the diving inside the National Park is some of the best anywhere.  That night we will be in the beautiful protected waters of (The Dry Tortugas National Park) or we will be underway, diving our way back to “The Marquesas” and preparing for our final dive day back to home port at “Stock Island Marine Village”    Why West for Multi days?  It’s simple, few dive operators offer these trips due to the logistics.  Further from the herd means better spearfishing and lobster hunting.  The diving is mostly drift diving, allowing comfortable pickups and avoiding long swims back to the boat.  The seafood meals on board YKNOT our fantastic and many of our guests say they just come for the food.  You catch em and we’ll cook em.  Fresh seafood after a great day of diving on the open ocean, it doesn’t get much better.

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