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Diving Prices

Day Trips:

Snorkel equipment included.  Scuba equipment rental $50/day/person

Half Day (typically 8 am – 12 pm) $800

Three Quarter Day (custom time) $1,000

Full Day (typically 9 am – 5 pm)   $1200

If doesn’t fit, call for custom pricing.

Multiple day trips:

1 day, 1 night:     $3,000.00 (maximum 6 divers or non-divers)

2 day, 1 night:    $3,700.00 (maximum 6 divers or non-divers)

2 day, 2 nights:  $4,800.00 (maximum 6 divers or non-divers)

3 day, 3 nights:  $5,800.00 (maximum 6 divers or non-divers)

4 day, 3 nights:  $6,600.00 (maximum 6 divers or non-divers)

4 day, 4 nights:  $6800.00 (maximum 6 divers or non-divers)  Best for visiting Fort at Dry Tortugas National Park

All dive trips include: Tanks (aluminum 80’s with pro valve yoke), weights and weight belts, snacks and water.  A licensed coast guard captain will operate boat and a certified Dive Master and/or Instructor will accompany trip.

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Other options:

Extra day $1200/boat

Extra night on boat at dock (if available) $250 for boat

Rental dive gear available with pre-arrangement. $50/diver/day (all or none)

Nitrox, pre-arranged  $45/day/diver (all or none)

Certified dive master guide $200/boat/day with pre-arrangement

Meal Plan: 3 meals and snacks/day on multi day trips.  $55 per person per day (all or  none).

Fishing on multi day trips: (includes equipment, bait and gear) $100/boat/day

Northern vacationers 7 day, 7 night trip: includes multi days out and in.  Allows us to play the weather for your most enjoyable trip.  Comes with fishing package and food package.  $7,900  (Fishing Package),  $8,600 (scuba package)   Super deal Up too $11,600  total value

Wrek Trek:  5 day, 5 night trip (advanced divers only please) see the major wrecks from Key Largo to Key West $8,700.00 (up to 6 advanced divers)

For your information:

Vandenberg divers need advanced certification unless accompanied with dive instructor in training.

Certification cards (or proof) will be required; log book is respected, but not required.


Tipping:  Above rates do not include gratuities.  Typically 15-20%, however if your crew shows you the adventure and fun of a lifetime, feel free to tip accordingly.

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