Fishing Only Prices

Day Trips:

Half Day (typically 4 hours) $700.00 (maximum 6)

Full Day (typically 8 hours)   $1100.00 (maximum 6)

If doesn’t fit, call for custom pricing.

Multiple day trips:

3 day, 2 nights: $4,000.00 (maximum 6), includes crew

3 day, 3 nights:  $4,400.00 (maximum 6), includes crew

4 day, 3 nights:  $5,200.00 (maximum 6), includes crew best deal

48 hour Marquesas trip: $3,300.00 (2 nights, 2 days), includes crew

32 hour trip: $2,800.00 (2 days, 1 night), includes crew

24 hour trip:  $2,200.00 (noon to noon), includes crew

Trips include: fishing license (we have a boat license), bait, ice, snacks and water.  A licensed coast guard captain will operate boat and fishing crew to help you stay fishing. Also included is  fishing equipment to supplement your equipment.

Other options:  

Extra dock night on boat $200.00/boat. if available

Meal Plan: 3 meals and snacks/day on multi day trips.  $200/boat/day.

Fishing equipment: (includes: 6 open faced and 4 trolling rigs, 2 spar rigs terminal tackle and lures as needed) $400.00/trip

Northern vacationers 7 day, 7 night trip: includes multi days out and in.  Allows us to play the weather for your most enjoyable trip.  Comes with equipment package and food package.  $7,500.00 (up to 6 fishermen) we pick you up at Key West International Airport and return you.  Super deal
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For your information:

Motion sickness can take the fun out of it.  Most remedies help, however experience has shown that a well-rested boater with the Dr. prescribed patch works best, even for green boaters.  Avoid acidic foods and remember the remedies only work if taken before you depart as stated on label.


Tipping:  Above rates do not include gratuities.  Typically 15-20%, however if your crew shows you the adventure and fun of a lifetime, feel free to tip accordingly.


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