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Packing List – Fishing

What to Bring for a Fishing Trip

Y Knot Key West Charters FishingFirstly bring us an enthusiastic fisherman ready to “go knock the *%@# out of em”.  

Equipment:  If you bought the fishing equipment package, your set.  If you have some favorite lures bring them along or otherwise we have what’s needed.

Did not buy fishing equipment package:  You will need:

Rod and reels (# and quality adequate to do the job).  We recommend both trolling rigs and open faced rigs.

Terminal tackle including: leader (both mono and wire), hooks (3’s to 8’s), slip sinkers, adequate supply of multiple sizes, swivels (adequate supply of multiple sizes), yellowtail jig heads (your favorites), trolling lures including metal types, feathers, skirts and ballyhoo rigs.  We run 2 outriggers and generally troll 4-5 lines at a time, so bring an adequate supply of lures and rigs.  My personal favorites for trolling are red and black for color and Billy baits for lure.   Any other tackle you think needed, ask if you want.

Linen and towels:  We supply fresh sheets and pillowcases every trip.  We also supply some towels; however I recommend you bring one or more of your own.

Generally: Pack soft luggage, (stores better).  Sandals are great, but sometimes not the best  on the deck of a moving boat.  Good pair of sunglasses is nice. The deck can get wet, so crocks or water shoes, tennis shoes or boat shoes.  Sandals in great weather.


If you have the meal package, we pretty much supply everything except alcoholic beverages, soda pop and specific snack requests.

If you did not pick the food package and are buying your own:

Oil for fish, (I prefer olive oil), potatoes, fresh vegetables, breakfast cereal and/or eggs and sausage/bacon.  Complete pancake batter.  Plenty of lunchmeats, ham, cheese lettuce for making sandwiches.  Chips (stay with pringle type) and snacks/bars.   Fresh fruit, (stay away from all oranges as acidic)   Cookies, (plenty of ginger snaps).  This is not a complete list, simply suggestions, if going for multiple days, you will need plenty.  You can count on some seafood meals, you catch em and we’ll cook em.

We will supply bottled water and some snacks.

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