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Dive Charters In Key West

Dive Charters In Key West

Maybe it is time to consider that long overdue family vacation and to head to Florida for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. At YKnot Charters, we are one of the best dive charters in Key West, ready to assist you at any time to fulfill your dreams.

What is the difference between scuba diving and snorkeling?

For diving, you will need complete equipment including the full-face snorkel mask with a tube and the scuba tank, while for snorkeling a simple mask will do the job. Both are great outdoor sports, and your family will enjoy them equally. For a more precise comparison, snorkeling is like a 2D view of the marine life from the above, while scuba diving is a full immersion in a 3D experience.

Snorkeling is a perfect way to spend your time on the beach, being also relatively cheap. You will not need a full training, though you should remember that safety rules have to be respected while in the water. The children and adults alike can enjoy snorkeling using a simple life west and swimming goggles with a mask. And do not forget to bring your waterproof camera for unbelievable pictures.

For scuba, your dive charters in Key West will give you full training, including breathing and safety tips for a safe resurface. The equipment is slightly sophisticated, including the full-face mask, a wet suit, fins, weights, and, of course, the oxygen set with the pressure regulator. You do not have to worry if you don’t have all the equipment; we will provide it to you.

Is scuba diving hard?

Scuba diving is one of the easiest recreational activities to learn. You do not have to learn how to fill in the tanks, or how to maintain in good condition the gear. We will teach you three basics skills: breathing, floating, and kicking. May seem strange to explain to you how to breathe but breathing with a mask is different, and you have to learn the technique.

Most people will find it easy to learn how to dive. The essential is to follow the safety protocols, your instructor, and your group, and enjoy the splendors of the tropical waters. The scuba diving equipment may look a bit bulky and heavy outside, but you will not feel it when swimming underwater.

Effects of pressure and depth

When you dive, your body will be subject to water pressure; the deeper you dive, the higher the pressure will be. The professional dive charters in Key West will assess the group abilities and will decide the maximum safety depth. Your PADI instructor will also decide on the ascent speed to avoid the nitrogen narcosis.

When booking your scuba diving tour with YKnot Charters, you can be sure that you are in good hands. All our instructors and certified and our captains have many years of creating joyful experiences for the people around the world. So, please, do not delay and give us a call today!

Dive Charters In Key West

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