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Key West Fishing

Key West Fishing

There are only a handful of destinations within the United States that offer the wide fishing variation available in Key West, Florida. The location has the highest number of awards and recognition, according to The International Game Fish Association. This record surpasses all other world records because of the top winning numbers of salt-water fishing awards. Why should you concentrate your fishing hanker to the Florida Keys?

What makes Key West fishing special?

The lure of fishing from a rich history

Key West has a wild tale of pirates’ culture. It was the docking spot of stolen ships from distant high seas. The surviving vessels now create a rusty and enticing history display and home for a couple of fish species. There is an abundance of snapper, grouper, amberjacks and permit lurking around the wrecks throughout the year.

Natural harbors

The United States has plenty of humanmade fishing harbors and countable natural ones. Some of the old natural ones have changed due to use by the US Navy and the shipping industry. Key West has ideally natural harbors that allow you to dock your boat and have a breezy and peaceful expedition. Some of the species surrounding these areas as tarpon, permit, and cobia.

Healthy reefs

Florida Keys fishing has some of the most robust species because of the purity of reefs and beaches along the Florida Keys shoreline. The ridges also pose as shields against storms and strong waves, making a safe and peaceful breeding ground for the fish. Y-Knot Key West Charters will guide you to reel in notable species such as kingfish and barracuda. Common species around the reefs include yellowtail, snapper, and mackerel.

Dreamy bridge fishing

Perhaps you prefer spending a warm afternoon catching fish over the bridge instead of braving the high seas. Key West fishing is an ideal holiday activity for a family with young children or the elderly. Even the young, energetic generation will enjoy a quiet fishing expedition to recollect their thoughts before embarking on life chapter.

Deep-sea fishing

Deep-sea fishing provides you with a broader array of species because of the plunging heights. Key West has up to 1500 feet and more of deep breeding grounds. Some of the famous fish species around these waters are kingfish, sailfish, whited marling, barracuda and grouper.

Flat fishing

Key West fishing with the flat fishing method is available around Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon. You will have a great time checking out the flats and switching to the fly. The local guide will give you gemstones on where to find big fish in secret fishing spots. Booking a small flats boat will provide you with the freedom to explore the neighboring Cuban waters with the right permission. The Snook, Tarpon and Permit fish species will require that the fishing crew be considerably silent if you wish to make a good catch.

Party fishing

Key West has an outstanding number of party boats that be will glad to host you and your friends or family. Y-Knot Fishing Charters has a well-versed fishing crew and full equipment to ease your trip preparation and fishing activities.

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