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Key West Diving Charters

Key West Diving Charters

Scuba diving is a great way to explore the history and wildlife of a new place. The centuries-old shipwrecks in some sites offer a fascinating glimpse into its history. If you’re looking for top diving spots in the Florida Keys, YKnot Charters is one of the top Key West diving charters.

Diving destinations in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is home to many of the beautiful diving sites, filled with fascinating histories. One of the most notorious diving spots in the Keys is the Vandenburg shipwreck, which has the local nickname Vandy. The Vandy is located less than 5 miles south of our marina and is often the first diving spot on our diving tours.

Sitting about a mile away from the Vandy is another fascinating shipwreck called the Caymen Salvager. This site is a bit older than the Vandy and located at a depth of about 70-100 ft.

We usually head east of our site for the amazing Wreck Trek, going on multi-day diving tours from Key West to Key Largo to explore the great shipwreck sites in the Florida Keys. If you’re not into exploring shipwrecks, the Keys also offer some of the most beautiful coral reefs, such as the Toppinos Reef, the Marquesa Reef Line, Rebecca Shoal and the Sambo Reefs.

Fishing destinations in the Key West

Though we’re one of the Key West diving charters, we also arrange fishing trips in addition to the diving tours. About 4 miles in front of our site, there are great fishing spots where you can expect mackerel, tuna, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, and some sailfish in your catches.

The better fishing spots are, however, located towards the west of our site. Some fantastic places include the Marquesa reefs, Rebecca Shoal, and the Dry Tortuga National Park. In your seasonal catches, you could expect some yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, mangrove snapper and bluefish at night time.

The fishing trips to the western areas last for a minimum of three days, as it will take roughly two days to cover the Marquesas. You only have to imagine how excellent your seafood dinners will be on these trips!

How much do diving tours cost?

For the diving trips, the prices include half-day, one-day, and multiple day trips. A typical half-day tour (8AM-12PM) will cost $700, which is inclusive of snorkeling equipment, and scuba diving gear will cost an additional $35 for the day. A full-day trip (8AM-5PM) would cost $1100.

For multi-day tours, the cost would be $3,200 for a 2-day and 2-night trip. 3-day and 3-night trips cost $4,500, while 4-day and 4-night trips cost $5,800. All drive trips will be accompanied by a certified diving instructor, a licensed coast guard captain to operate the boat, and will include aluminum tanks, weights, and weight belts.

Are you planning to head to the Florida Keys to explore some of its amazing shipwreck sites and reefs? YKnot Charters are one of the top key west diving charters, with a great range of tour options to suit your budget.

Key West Diving Charters

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