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Overnight Fishing Charters To Dry Tortugas

Overnight Fishing Charters To Dry Tortugas

When in Key West, you will find many overnight fishing charters to Dry Tortugas, but none compares to YKnot Charters. We make sure that each of our trips is unique and you will enjoy the Fort Jefferson at night while having a memorable catch.

What should I bring on a fishing trip?

Like on any other trip, make sure you packed the essential clothing and a camera to capture your prize. We prepared a short list of things that will be good to have it with you:

  • A hat that will offer you protection from rain, but probably you will not use it
  • Extra pair of socks and shoes if the ones you are wearing are getting wet
  • A jacket since the night at sea can be chilly sometimes
  • A windbreaker
  • And please do not forget your Camera

We will take care of the fishing gear and any other things required to enjoy your overnight fishing charters to Dry Tortugas. You only need to take your time to relax and enjoy the scenery while we are heading to our spot.

What is the best time to catch fish?

Except for the midday, every part of the day has its benefits. Depending on the season, personal preferences, or type of fish you want to catch you can set your fishing time as per your convenience:

  • Early morning – with the morning sun warming the shallows, the fish will find pleasant waters to feed and will come closer to you.
  • Midday – hot water will move up, decreasing surface oxygen and forcing the fish to move deeper. You may want to avoid fishing during this period unless you do this only for fun while sharing a beer with your friends
  • Dusk and nighttime – water is now cooling down, and fish will resurface again looking for food. You will also enjoy lower temperatures and calmer waters during this period.

However, if we are to choose, we would prefer a cloudy day since clouds will prevent sun rays from reaching deep waters and the fish will be active for most of the day. Also, light rain is preferable, as the colder water will attract the fish from the deep.

Advantages and disadvantages of night fishing

Fishing at night has the benefit of colder weather than during the day, so you will not dry under the often scorching summer sun. During the night hours, the wind usually blows less, and the water is calmer, so it is improbable to get seasick. And, the most critical part, there will be fewer boats on the sea, leading to more fish for you to catch!

While booking your overnight fishing charters to Dry Tortugas, it is good to remember that is challenging than the day fishing due to lack of light. Our experienced crew from YKnot Charters will be with you to help overcome all the issues may appear. Also, during the night, it is harder to navigate the boat, but luckily, our captain has many years of experience to make your trip comfortable.

Overnight Fishing Charters To Dry Tortugas

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